My work as a ceramics artist revolves around the freezing of movements. Having been a classic ballet dancer, movement remains a vital point of reference in the way I work.

I emboss the last movement of the wheel as a twist in the clay. In this way, every unpredictable twist and every piece, as a result, looks different and is unique to the moment and the time of its making. After firing – when clay turns to stone – this movement is preserved.

Alongside the poetic, I am also interested in making practical pieces and in recent years I have found myself focusing more and more on the creation of unique dinner sets for private clients. Each tableware set is designed for individual clients within specific settings, and in doing so my pieces become purposefully part of their environments.

Private collections: Tel-Aviv Jaffa – Israel; London – UK; New York – Montauk – Los Angeles –South Hampton – N.Y USA;

Cologne – Germany; Antiparos – Greece;